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May 23, 2018: "The Friendship of Elizabeth Beckley Mary Todd Lincoln", by Eileen Waite

April 25, 2018: "Linclon at the War's End", by Jack Waugh

March 28, 2018: "Hard-Luck Ironclad", bt Ed Bearss

February 28, 2018: "The General in Love", by Dr. William "Jack" Davis (note - in Pinckney Hall)

January 24, 2018: "What Did Not Happen at Appomattox", by Dr. James "Bud" Robertson

November 29, 2017: "Civil War in South Carolina", by George Loud

October 25, 2017: "Reconstruction Period in Beaufort", by Dr. Larry Rowland

September 27, 2017: "Battle of Chickamauga", by Jack Rabbitt

July 12, 2017: "Fort Sumpter We Don't Know-THe History of a Confederate Fort", by Kyle Sinisi

May 10, 2017: "Trading with the Enemy", by Phil Leigh

April12, 2017: "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War", by Karen Abbott

March 8, 2017: "The Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh)", by Ed Bearss

February 8, 2017: "Looking for Loretta", by Dr. William "Jack" Davis

January 11, 2017: "The Four-Leggded Soldiers", by Dr. James "Bud" Robertson

November 9, 2016: "Fort Pulaski" by Lou Benfante

October 12, 2016: Trading with the Enemy:The Covert Economy During the American Civil War" by Phil Leigh

September 14, 2016 (September Minie Ball Gazette): "Suffer and Grow Strong: The Life of Ella Gertrude Thomas, 1834-1907" by Carolyn Newton Curry

September 14, 2016 (August Minie Ball Gazette):"Suffer and Grow Strong: The Life of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas, 1834-1907" by Carolyn Newton Curry

July 13:"1864: Our Civil War's Savage Year" by Ralph Peters

May 11: "The Battle of Rivers' Bridge" by John White

April 13: "Urban Slavery in Savannah" by Vaughnette Goode-Walker

March 9: "Vicksburg" by Ed Bearss

February 10: "Reluctant Hero: Lee's Last Years" by Jack Davis

January 2016: "After the Civil War: The Heroes, Villans, Soldiers & Civilians Who Changed America" by James "Bud" Robertson Jr.

December 2015

November 2015:"The Battle of Port Royal - 1861" by Michael Coker

October 2015: "Myths and Realities of Reconstruction" by Mary DeCredico

September 2015: "Women at War 1861-1865" by Sun City Community Theater

Summer 2015 "Gettysburg: 5 Factors That Determined the Outcome" by Jack Rabbitt

April 2015: 'Undaunted Valor: The Beaufort Volunteer Artillery and the Civil War in the Lowcountry" by Ron Roth

March 2015: "Surviving the Confederacy - How a High Rolling Confederate Couple Survived the War" by Jack C. Waugh

February 2015: "General William T. Sherman's March Through the Carolinas: January-April,1865" by Ed Bearss

January 2015: "Grant and Lee: The Men That No One Knows" by William C. "Jack" Davis

December 2014: The Civil War Centennial and Sesquicentennial: Partners or at Odds"

By Dr. James "Bud" Robertson

October 2014: "The Battle of Honey Hill" by Dr. Stephen R. Wise

September 2014: " The Business of Civil War in the North"

by Dr. Mark R. Wilson

August 2014: " Mary Chesnut: Flight From Richmond & Escape From Columbia"

by Chris Weatherhead

Summer 2014

April 2014: "The Civil War From Behind the Camera: A Visual Adventure"

by Rob Lisle, M.D.

 March 2014: "The Burning of Bluffton" by Jeff Fulgham

February 2014 " The Siege of Vicksburg" by Ed Bearss

January 2014: "Adventures in Civil War Publishing" by William C. "Jack" Davis

December 2013 : "Ulysses S. Grant in Person" portrayed by Larry Clowers

October 2013 "Desperate Hours Gettysburg" by Ron Roth

September 2013 "South Carolina Civilians in Sherman's Path: Stories

in Courageby Karen Stokes

August 2013 " Becoming Harriett Tubman" by Natalie Daise

Summer 2013

April 2013 "The Battle of Chancellorsville" by Scott Walker

March 2013 "The Day Dixie Died - May 10, 1863 by Dr. James "Bud" Robertson

February 2013 "Savannah:Immortal City by Barry Sheehy

January 2013 'Women Combatants in the Civil War" by William C. "Jack" Davis

 December 2012 "Clara Barton" by Carol Neumann, RN

October 2012 "Antietam" by Rev. Jeff Miller


  September 2012 "The Civil War in NE Arkansas" by Dr. Jeanne Whayne

August 2012 " The Emancipation Proclamation" by President Lincoln as portrayed by Jim Getty

Summer 2012

May 2012 

APRIL 2012 "Robert Smalls and the SS Planter" by Dennis Canady

MARCH 2012  "Guerrillas, Bushwhackers, and Partisans:Rethinking the American Civil War" by Dr. Daniel Sutherland

FEBRUARY 2012 "The Seven Days Battles" by Edwin Cole Bearss

January 2012 "John C. Breckinridge:From Vice President of the USA to Confederate General" by William C. "Jack" Davis

December 2011 "General George Meade" by Dr. Andrew Waskie

November 2011 

October 2011 " Robert E. Lee's Defense of the Lowcountry"by Dr. James K.Hogue

September 2011 "Medical Treatment for the Confederate Army and Navy" by Guy Hasegawa

August 2011  "Republic in Peril: The Threat of Foreign Intervention in the Civli War" by Dr. Howard Jones

May 2011 

April 2011 "The Lowcountry Prepares for War" by Professor Mary A. DeCredico

March 2011 "The Firing on Ft. Sumter" by Professor Kyle Sinisi

February 2011 "The North Prepares for War...The First Battle of Manassas by Ed Bearss

January 2011 " The Nullification Crisis and the Bluffton Movement" by William C. "Jack" Davis

October 2010 " Confederate Envelopes and the Stories Behind Them" by James L. D. Monroe

December 2010 "John Brown ...The First Terrorist" by Dr. Bud Robertson

September 2010 "The Evangelical Origins of the Civil War" by Dr. David Goldfield

August 2010 

April 2010 

March 2010 

February 2010 

January 2010 

December 2009 

October /November 2009 

September 2009 -An intense look at the institute of slavery in South Carolina-Jim Jordan

August 2009 

May 2009 Captain Raphael Semmes

April 2009 Vital Rails-Savannah & Charleston Railroad

March 2009 Ed Bearss & Surender at Appomattox

February 2009 Davis on Davis

January 2009 The Role of Women- Dr Bud Robertson

November 2008 Union Blockade - Dr Craig Symonds

October 2008 First Woman Executed By Federal Government - Joan Lee Chaconas

September 2008 Appomattox Campaign - Peter Carmichael

May 2008 Port Royal Experiment - Steve Wise

April 2008 The Battle of Fort Fisher - Dr. Chris Fonvielle

March 2008 The Crater & Siege of Petersburg - Edwin Bearss

February 2008 The Lives of Civil War Wives - Dana Chapman

January 2008 Davis & Lincoln - Jack Davis

November 2007 Battle of Spring Hill & Franklin - Brian Steele Wills

 October 2007 Overland Campaign: Wildness to Cold Harbor by Gordon Rhea

September 2007 Sherman's March to the Sea - Anne Bailey

July 2007 Summer Renewal Issue

May 2007 Battle of Mobile Bay - Craig Symonds

April 2007 Fort Pillow - Brian Steele Wills

March 2007 Chickamauga & Chattanooga - Ed Bearss

February 2007 Role of the United States Colored Troops in the Civil War

January 2007 Jefferson Davis & His Generals by Jack Davis

November 2006 Western Theater - Richard McMurry

October 2006 Gettysburg - Rev Jeff Miller

September 2006 Chancellorsville - Mac Wyckoff

July 2006 Summer Renewal Issue

May 2006 Lincoln & the Trent Affair - Craig Symonds

April 2006 Grant's Vicksburg Campaign - Ed Bearss

March 2006 Women of the US Sanitary Commission Wendy Venet

February 2006 Emancipation Proclamation - Jim Getty

January 2006 Robert E. Lee - Bud Robinson

November 2005 Great Locomotive Chase - Charlie Crawford

October 2005 Songs from Field & Home - Dave & Clara Para

September 2005 Gen G H Thomas - Brian Steel Wills


Summer 2005

May 2005 Fire-Eaters of South Carolina - Larry Rowland

April 2005 Georgia Heroines - Mrs. Tommie LaCavera

March 2005 Murfreesboro - Stone's Ridge - -Edwin C Bearss

February 2005 The Jewish Confederates - Robert Rosen

January 2005 Chaplains in the Civil War - Bud Robertson


November 2004 The Battle of Fredericksburg - Max Wyckoff

October 2004 Navel Battle of New Orleans - Art Bergeron

September 2004 Joseph E Johnston - Alan Downs  

July 2004 Summer Issue

May 2004 7 Days Battle in Virginia - R. E. L. Krick

April 2004 Battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam - Tom Clemens

March 2004 2nd Manassas/Bull Run - Ed Bearss

February 2004 James Longstreet - Bob Ham

January 2004 Civil War Medicine - Bud Robertson

November 2003 The Western Campaign - Richard McMurry

October 2003 Battle of Shiloh - Wily Sword

September 2003 Nathan Bedford Forrest - Brian Steel Wills

July 2003 Summer

June 2003 Reenlistment Issue

May 2003 General Stonewall Jackson - Robert Krick

April 2003 Ft Pulaski by Talley Kirkland Jr.

March 2003 Gen R. E. Lee's 1862 Strategy by James Mack Adams

February 2003 Military Prisons b Edwin Bearss

January 2003 Thomas Stonewall Jackson by Bud Robertson

November 2002 Battle of Port Royal by Bill Slaughter

October 2002 First Iron Clad Battle - John Coski

September 2002 Mary Boykin Chesnut - Performed by Chris Weatherhead

Summer 2002

May 2002 John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry by Dennis Frye

April 2002 - Forming The Confederacy - Jack Davis

March 2002 Lincoln & the First Year of the War presented by Jim Getty

February 2002 Manassas by Ed Bearss

January 2002 Why Soldiers Fought by Bud Robertson

December 2001 Holiday Party Special Edition

November 2001 Evolution of Ft Sumter by Richard Hatcher

October 2001 Unlikely Saviors - Carol Catrona